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All pedals below have been designed and built to the highest specification where build quality and tone are concerned, featuring:

●  Soft touch relay true bypass - utilises a clickless switch for vastly improved reliability, durability and a much smoother, acoustically silent action under the foot - life expectancy up to 10 - 20 times greater than many commonly used footswitches.

Automatically reverts to bypass when power is removed (see the FAQ page for more info).

●  Neutrik 6.35mm jacks - some of the toughest & most durable around, very thick metal construction designed to tolerate constant use.

●  Etched finish - permanently engraved to withstand endless stomping and abuse, without the inevitable wear and tear or flaking associated with many printed, painted and labelled graphics.

●  Economically spaced jacks that can accommodate many 'pancake' and other wider plugs next to one another, where applicable.


All of the loopers below are effects loops, and are not sample loopers - they do not record.

Buffer Boy *
The signal's best friend.  The more cable you run and the more effects used the more capacitance is added to your signal; this causes high end roll-off of treble frequencies, makes bass less refined and can muffle your guitar's tone.  Pedals with bad buffers or using too many buffers can contribute towards this; using true bypass effects instead isn't much better, as it acts as one long length of cable causing signal loss. 

Putting the Buffer Boy in front of your chain will provide the correct input impedance to ensure your instrument sounds the same as it would using a short cable plugged straight into your amp.  This is purpose built using a TL071 op-amp (great choice for buffers) to keep your signal sounding clear regardless of cable length or rows of true bypass pedals. 

No footswitch, it's always on.  It can be used with up to a 24V power supply, should you want the added headroom to avoid potential clipping with a very hot signal.
Buffer Boy + **
Same as above but with a footswitch to bypass the buffer completely; useful if you use effects that don't like having buffers in front of them (some fuzz pedals) or to A/B it in your set up.  Unlike the above it can only use a 9V power supply.


Relay Sooper Løøøper **

1 effects loop - same as the single loop version on the Looper page, but with a soft touch clickless footswitch (this is not a sample looper, it doesn't record).


Relay A/B/C Sooper Løøøper ***

3 effects loops.  The right switch turns on Loop A (blue LED), which automatically turns off Loops B and C.  The middle footswitch turns on Loop B (green LED), turning off A and C.  The left footswitch turns on Loop C (white LED), turning off A and B.  So only one loop (A or B or C) will be on at any one time - multiple loops can't be on simultaneously, nor can all 3 loops be simultaneously bypassed.  Great if you have 3 effects (or 3 separate group of effects) and want to turn on one whilst turning off the others with just the single push of a button, without having to turn on or off multiple combinations of footswitches.
Relay A/B/Y Sooper Løøøper + ***
2 effects loops.  The right switch selects either Loop A (blue LED) or B (green LED); the middle switch turns both on (A then B in series, white LED); the left switch bypasses both loops simultaneously (red LED).  A great way of switching instantly between 2 loops (e.g. clean & distorted) with the push of a single switch.  The bypass LED lights up when the pedal is bypassed.


Mixy Løøøper (Parallel Blend Loop) **

Effects loop with a knob to blend the dry signal in parallel with the loop.  Plug in your instrument, add any effect(s) e.g. a distortion to the loop then blend in as much or little distortion with the dry tone.  Fully left = 100% dry, fully right = 100% wet, middle = 50/50 blend.  Very useful for bassists wanting to preserve low end, for mixing in clean tones or for maintaining the natural tone of a guitar when using overdrive pedals.  The phase reversal switch flips the polarity of the wet signal should it be out of phase.  Requires power when on - otherwise works as a normal true bypass looper, press the footswitch to bypass everything.

Relay Stereo A/B Boxx ***

A/B with stereo inputs and outputs.  Can have either TS mono (as in photo) or TRS stereo jacks, with the A/B side on the left or right (add a note in the comments section of the PayPal checkout, or e-mail beforehand stating what you'd prefer).  Utilises a bi-colour LED (red for A, green for B), and a soft touch clickless footswitch.


Relay A/B/C/D Boxx ***
Switches one input (X) to four selectable outputs (A, B, C or D), or four inputs (A, B, C or D) to one output (X).  Pressing the single footswitch selects A - press it again to select B, press again to select C, press again to select D and pressing it again returns back to A, and so on.  An internal switch alternatively allows a fifth mute option after D.  So when D is selected, pressing the footswitch will mute all outputs - pressing the footswitch again when in this mute mode will return to A.  The X (in or out) socket can be moved to the left side of the pedal (e-mail beforehand or leave a comment at the PayPal checkout if you want it on the left).



●  True bypass switching: your tone remains 100% unaffected by the pedal when bypassed.

●  2.1mm 9V centre negative DC socket (same as Boss & most other effects).  No batteries, but 9V clips can be fitted (e-mail for info).

●  Stomp proof chrome LED holders.

●  Rugged RFI/EMI shielded aluminium enclosure measuring:

53 x 38 x 31mm = *

92 x 38 x 31mm = **

110 x 60 x 31mm = ***

●  Get in touch for custom variations of the above - jacks in different positions, alternative enclosures, additional features, etc.