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(Most enquiries are answered within 1 to 2 working days, with custom build requests sometimes taking longer - if you receive no reply please check any junk/spam folders).

Welcome to Wee Lush FX.

Wee Lush FX handbuilds in the UK a range of pedals, currently effect loopers, A/B pedals, killswitches, tap tempos, channel switchers, patchboxes and buffers - utility pedals you need to make pedalboards work.

Loopers:                     effects loops for externally bypassing pedals
A/B(/C):                       switching boxes for selecting different inputs/outputs
Killswitches:              momentary & latching switches to mute audio signals
Patchboxes:               convenient way for connecting cables on pedalboards
Tap Tempos:              momentary switches for selecting channels or controlling delay times
Channel Switcherslatching switches for selecting amp channels
Active & Relay:         Parallel Loop, Relay Loop, Buffers & other active pedals - all have soft-touch switches
Effects:                      range of effects pedals - all feature soft touch relay true bypass

All pedals have been designed and built to the highest specification where build quality and tone are concerned, featuring Alpha footswitches and pots, Neutrik jacks and etched finishes for maximum durability.  A number of pedals feature a soft touch clickless true bypass relay system.  They have been designed with durability in mind and as such are as robust as can possibly be.  They are also housed in the most compact of enclosures, making for space saving footprints on any pedalboard.

All pedals listed are either in stock or will be made and dispatched within 15 working days (custom builds may take longer).  All prices include UK P&P - shipping is available worldwide.

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Please do get in touch for custom build requests, pedals not listed or absolutely anything you can think of to fulfill your pedal based needs.