Wee Lush FX


B Stock

Below is a selection of B stock pedals, which often have a slight flaw or flaws (typically cosmetic) and are therefore being sold at a reduced price.  They still come with the same warranty as all other Wee Lush FX pedals (see the FAQ page for more warranty info), and all prices include postage.

Patchboxx (Switched)
See the 'Killswitches & Patchboxes' page for full info of the pedal.

Two small but noticeable black marks (one to the left of the Out socket and one to the right of the In socket) about 1cm long. are present.

Otherwise perfect, A1 condition and unused - 1 available.  A photo will follow shortly.

£19.50 (UK), £26.50 (Europe), £27.75 (Worldwide) - please e-mail [email protected] if you'd like to purchase.