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All pedals have been designed and built to the highest specification where build quality and tone are concerned, featuring:

●  Soft touch relay true bypass - utilises a clickless switch for vastly improved reliability, durability and a much smoother, acoustically silent action under the foot - life expectancy up to 10 - 20 times greater than many commonly used footswitches.

Automatically reverts to bypass when power is removed (see the FAQ page for more info).

●  Neutrik 6.35mm jacks - some of the toughest & most durable around, very thick metal construction designed to tolerate constant use.

●  Etched finish - permanently engraved to withstand endless stomping and abuse, without the inevitable wear and tear or flaking associated with many printed, painted and labelled graphics.

●  Economically spaced jacks that can accommodate many 'pancake' and other wider plugs next to one another, where applicable.


Søøøper Happy Mini Muff
Based on the Civil War/Tall Font Green Russian Big Muff, widely regarded as one of the bassiest versions with a sweet musical clarity in the mids and smoother, softer gain than other Muffs.

3 knobs: Volume sets the output level, Drive alters the gain and Tone adjusts the amount of bass or treble.

Despite it's diminutive proportions it's a true Big Muff circuit, painstakingly designed with no corners cut to fit in a dinky box.

(Temporarily the colour of the etch, knobs and LED may vary from the photo - get in touch for more info).

Søøøper Happy Mini Muff (w/Mids Switch)
As above but with the versatility of a 3 position mid frequency switch:

Scoop (toggle centre): cuts the mid frequencies for that classic deep muff tone.
Flat (toggle up): flattens the mids for more body and presence.
Mid hump (toggle down): ramps up the mids to really help cut through any mix.

(Temporarily the colour of the etch, knobs and LED may vary from the photo - get in touch for more info).

Dinky Bøøøst
A clean boost that goes from silence (knob set fully anti-clockwise) to full boost (knob set fully clockwise).  Press the footswitch to activate the boost to whatever level is set by the control knob, then press the footswitch again to bypass the boost circuit completely.  With the knob set fully anti-clockwise there may still be a very slight but quite inaudible amount of the signal still present in the audio.


●  True bypass switching: your tone remains 100% unaffected by the pedal when bypassed.

●  2.1mm 9V centre negative DC socket (same as Boss & most other effects).  No batteries, but 9V clips can be fitted (e-mail for info).

●  Stomp proof chrome LED holders.

●  Rugged RFI/EMI shielded aluminium enclosure measuring 92 x 38 x 31mm.

●  Get in touch for custom variations of the above - jacks in different positions, alternative enclosures, additional features, etc.