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Killswitches & Patchboxes

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All pedals have been designed and built to the highest specification where build quality and tone are concerned, featuring:

●  Alpha DPDT & 3PDT footswitches - some of the best available which boast a lifecycle 2 - 3 or more times that of many others.

●  Neutrik 6.35mm jacks - some of the toughest & most durable around, very thick metal construction designed to tolerate constant use.

●  Etched finish - permanently engraved to withstand endless stomping and abuse, without the inevitable wear and tear or flaking associated with many printed, painted and labelled graphics.

●  Economically spaced jacks that can accommodate many 'pancake' and other wider plugs next to one another, where applicable.


Use to mute signals, create stutter effects, scare people by suddenly assaulting them with loud fuzz noises - sky's the limit really
(see the FAQ page for a bit more info on killswitches).

All pedals below can be built with soft touch clickless footswitches as a custom build.  Some are already available as stock pedals on the 'Relay & Active' page, otherwise e-mail for more info.

Momentary Killswitch *

Press and hold down the footswitch and your instrument's signal is muted; release it and the signal returns.  A great hands-free way to achieve a rapid on/off stutter effect without having to modify your guitar.  No power required.


Latching Killswitch *

Press the footswitch and the signal's muted; press again and it returns.


Latching Killswitch (w/o LED) *
Press the footswitch and the signal's muted; press again and it returns.  This version has no LED and no DC socket.

Momentary & Latching Killswitch **

1 latching and 1 momentary switch; both of the above variations in one super awesome mega pedal.  Also when the latching switch is engaged, the momentary switch when pressed will bring back the signal, allowing for an anti-stutter effect.


Dual Killswitch **
Two independent channels, both on which can be simultaneously muted.  In A connects to Out A, and In B connects to Out B.  Pressing the latching footswitch mutes channel A (sending In A and Out A to ground) and channel B (sending In B and Out B to ground).  Pressing the footswitch again restores the signal (thus un-muting the audio).

Patchboxx **
Use to centralise all connection points on your pedalboard to one place, making setups easier.  In & out jacks for guitar and amp, send and return jacks for effects in between.  No power required.

Patchboxx (Switched) **
As above but the Send and Return Sockets internally connect when neither have anything plugged in - great if you want to install an effect every so often but would like to easily unplug it and keep the patchbox permanently connected on a pedalboard.

5 Way Patchboxx ***
Five pairs of sockets.  The top A socket connects to the bottom A socket; likewise the top B connects to the bottom B, top C to bottom C, top D to bottom D and top E to bottom E.  This allows for a set-up whereby an instrument connects to A, effects loop input to A, effects loop output to B and amplifier to B.  Furthermore, an amp FX loop send can connect to C, another effects loop input to C, effects loop output to D and amp FX loop return to D.  The final E pair of sockets can be used to connect an amp channel to a footswitch, or a delay to a tap tempo footswitch for example.  Such a set-up allows for one central point whereby instrument, pre-amp effects loop, amp, amp FX loop connections and post-amp effects loop can be connected.


●  True bypass switching: your tone remains 100% unaffected by the pedal when bypassed.

●  All passive pedals only require power for the LEDs; switching will work without power.

●  2.1mm 9V centre negative DC socket (same as Boss & most other effects).  No batteries, but 9V clips can be fitted (e-mail for info).

●  Stomp proof chrome LED holders.

●  Rugged RFI/EMI shielded aluminium enclosure measuring:

53 x 38 x 31mm = *

92 x 38 x 31mm = **

110 x 60 x 31mm = ***

●  Get in touch for custom variations of the above - jacks in different positions, alternative enclosures, additional features, etc.

●  1 year warranty (see FAQ page for full details).