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All pedals have been designed and built to the highest specification where build quality and tone are concerned, featuring:

●  Alpha DPDT & 3PDT footswitches - some of the best available which boast a lifecycle 2 - 3 or more times that of many others.

●  Neutrik 6.35mm jacks - some of the toughest & most durable around, very thick metal construction designed to tolerate constant use.

●  Etched finish - permanently engraved to withstand endless stomping and abuse, without the inevitable wear and tear or flaking associated with many printed, painted and labelled graphics.

  Economically spaced jacks that can accommodate many 'pancake' and other wider plugs next to one another, where applicable.


Use them to bring multiple effects in and out of your signal chain at once, very useful for pedals that suffer from a bad bypassed signal when they're off, or use it to control rack-mounted effects from your pedalboard.  Plug your guitar to the input, amp to the output then plug your effects input to the send jack and the effects output to the return jack (these are not sample loopers; they don't record - see FAQs for more info on loopers).  Any pedal with 2 or more loops will have the loops wired in series, not parallel (i.e. Loop A, then B, then C, etc.).

All pedals below can be built with soft touch clickless footswitches and relay true bypass as a custom build.  Some are already available as stock pedals on the 'Relay & Active' page, otherwise e-mail for more info.

Sooper Løøøper *

1 effects loop.

(Parallel Blend and Soft Touch Relay versions of this are available on the 'Active & Relay' page).

Dual Sooper Løøøper **

2 independent effects loops.
Triple Sooper Løøøper ***
3 independent effects loops.
Invertinator (Reverse Order Loop) ***
2 loops, with third switch to swap the order of the loops around e.g. connect a wah to loop A and fuzz to B and they remain in that order. Press the third switch and they're instantly reversed – fuzz first then wah.  Different pedals react differently when placed before or after each other, making this a great way to test out pedals or reverse effects order mid song for example.  The 2 loops have independent switches, so it acts as a regular dual looper as well.
Invertinator (Mini) **
Same as above but in a smaller enclosure.
A/B/Y Sooper Løøøper + (w/Master Bypass) ***
2 loops.  First switch selects either loop A or loop B.  Second switch selects both at the same time (overrides 1st switch).  Third switch bypasses both loops.  Great way of switching instantly between 2 loops (e.g. clean & distorted) with the push of a single  button, without having to tap dance (bypass LED lights up when pedal is bypassed).  A smaller version of this is available further down this page, and a version using soft touch clickless footswitches is available on the 'Active & Relay' page.

Shoegaze Løøøper (Feedback Loop) *

1 loop, second switch feeds the loop's output back into the input with amount of feedback controlled by a knob; great way of coaxing new sounds out of existing pedals.  Make fuzzes oscillate, create infinite repeats from delays or intense warbling from flangers; the only limit's your imagination.  When you bypass the feedback loop the trails from any time-based effects (delay, reverb) will naturally fade away after the switch is pressed, rather than abruptly disappearing (it's subtle, but audible).  Works as a single looper as well, just leave the feedback switch off.  Some effects work well with feedback loops, however others may not yield spectacular results - it's entirely dependent on the effect.


Stutter Shoegaze Løøøper (Momentary Feedback Loop) *

Same as above but with momentary switch (only on whilst you hold it down) instead of latching for the feedback loop (effects loop switch is still latching).


Shoegaze Løøøper (Large) **

Same as the normal feedback looper but in a bigger box.


Stutter Shoegaze Løøøper (Large) **
Same as the "Stutter Shoegaze Løøøper (Mini)" but in a larger enclosure.

Shoegaze Løøøper + **

Same as above but with both a momentary & latching switch for the feedback loop.


Shoegaze Løøøper + (Mini) *

Same as above but without a master bypass switch.  The effects loop itself remains permanently on, however the feedback is turned on or completely bypassed - featuring both and momentary and latching footswitch for the feedback.


Shoegaze Løøøper + (w/o Bypass) **

Same as above but in a larger enclosure.


Stutter Sooper Løøøper *

1 loop with latching switch (press to turn on, and again to turn off) and momentary switch (only on whilst pressed down) to control the loop.  Great way of bringing short bursts of effects whilst retaining the flexibility of a conventional looper.


Stutter Sooper Løøøper (Large) **
Same as above but in a larger enclosure.

Sooper Løøøper + A/B **
1 loop with 2 selectable A/B outputs.  Only A or B can be selected, not both simultaneously.


A/B Sooper Løøøper **
2 loops, 1 switch to select instantly between loop A or B (they can't be on simultaneously).

A/B Sooper Løøøper + **
Same as above but with a master bypass.

A/B/Y Sooper Løøøper **
Same as larger A/B/Y (5th model down on this page) but without the master bypass.
A/B/Y Sooper Løøøper + (Mini) **
Same as larger A/B/Y (5th model down on this page) but in a smaller enclosure.
A/B/C Sooper Løøøper ***
3 loops.  1st switch selects between loops A or B, 2nd switch mutes these and selects C (so only 1 loop can be on at a time, also all 3 loops cannot be simultaneously bypassed).  A or B LED remains on when C is selected.

(A 3 button version with soft touch footswitches & a more intuitive switching set-up is available on the 'Relay & Active' page).

A/B/C Sooper Løøøper + ***
Same as above but with a master bypass to bypass all 3 loops simultaneously.

FX Loop Løøøper **

This allows a pedal (or pedals) to be instantly switched from in front of an amp to the amp's effects loop or vice versa with the push of a footswitch.  Connect both the pedal(s) and the amp's effects loop to the switcher, then press the footswitch to select where the pedal(s) is placed in your chain.  Likewise it can be used with any pedal that has it's own effects loop (e.g. EHX Superego, Lovetone Meatball) or any set-up where such switching is required, without having to constantly plug and unplug cables.



●  True bypass switching: your tone remains 100% unaffected by the pedal when bypassed.

●  All passive pedals only require power for the LEDs; switching will work without power.

●  2.1mm 9V centre negative DC socket (same as Boss & most other effects).  No batteries, but 9V clips can be fitted (e-mail for info).

●  Stomp proof chrome LED holders.

●  Rugged RFI/EMI shielded aluminium enclosure measuring:

92 x 38 x 31mm = *

111 x 60 x 31mm = **

120 x 95 x 34mm = ***

●  Get in touch for custom variations of the above - jacks in different positions, alternative enclosures, additional features, etc.

  1 year warranty (see FAQ page for full details).