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Tap Tempo & Channel Switchers

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All pedals have been designed and built to the highest specification where build quality and tone are concerned, featuring:

●  Alpha DPDT & 3PDT footswitches - some of the best available which boast a lifecycle 2 - 3 or more times that of many others.

●  Neutrik 6.35mm jacks - some of the toughest & most durable around, very thick metal construction designed to tolerate constant use.

●  Etched finish - permanently engraved to withstand endless stomping and abuse, without the inevitable wear and tear or flaking associated with many printed, painted and labelled graphics.

●  Economically spaced jacks that can accommodate many 'pancake' and other wider plugs next to one another, where applicable.


All pedals below can be built with soft touch clickless footswitches as a custom build.  Some are already available as stock pedals on the 'Relay & Active' page, otherwise e-mail for more info.

Tap Tempo (w/Polarity Switch) *

Tap on the footswitch to manually enter the time between repeats so they're rhythmically in time with the tempo of the song you're playing.  Simply connect the mono output to the effects pedal's tap tempo socket.

The toggle switch selects the correct the polarity. The effects pedal you use it (e.g. delay or phaser) with will require a 'normally open' (NO) or 'normally closed' (NC) footswitch.  Some tap tempos can only do one: this can do both.  This enables the tap tempo to register the beats when you press down the footswitch (like when you tap your foot to the beat of a song) otherwise it would register the timing when the switch is released (when you lift your foot up) which is far less intuitive; using a NO switch for a pedal that requires NC would result in this.

In Lehman's terms this tap tempo will work with any delay requiring a tip-to-sleeve switch, just set the toggle switch accordingly (Boss delays for example are NC).  This pedal is identical in function to the Boss FS-5U.  Would work as a momentary channel switcher also.  The socket and switch are on the same back panel.


Tap Tempo (NO) *
As above but without a polarity switch.  Comes in NO or NC.  Both feature a clickless soft touch switch for acoustically quiet tapping and a smoother feel when pressed.


Tap Tempo (NC) *


Tap Tempo (Stereo) *

Momentary footswitch for use with Strymon products.  Requires a TSR stereo cable.

Tap Tempo (TRRS) *
Momentary soft touch clickless footswitch with a TRRS 3.5mm (1/8") socket. 
This is compatible with any Source Audio device that requires a Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch when used with a 3.5mm TRRS cable.  This is wired identically to the Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch, however it does not feature an additional 6.35mm mono socket - as such it can only be connected with a 3.5mm TRRS cable.

Channel Basher *
Mono latching (tip-to-sleeve) switch that changes channels or selects effects on the majority of amps.  It features a polarity switch to select whether the LED is on or off when the channel is active or not - essentially making it normally open and normally closed compatible.  The switch and sockets are all on the back side, making for a miniscule footprint on any pedalboard.

Channel Basher (Orange) *
For use with amps that powers the LED from the amp itself via a mono cable (uses tip-to-sleeve latching footswiches, with the LED wired in parallel with the tip-sleeve connections).  Compatible with Orange amps - no external power supply is required, the LED draws current from the amp instead.


Channel Basher (Stereo) *
Latching footswitch for channel switching on Strymon products.  Uses a TRS stereo cable, and requires no power - the LED draws current from whatever it's plugged into.


Dual Channel Basher (Stereo) **
Same as the Channel Basher but with 2 footswitches and 2 polarity switches, one per channel/effect.  Comes with either 2 mono sockets (TS) or 1 stereo (TRS).  All the switches and sockets are on the back panel.


Dual Channel Basher (Mono) **


Dual Channel Basher (Orange) **
For use with amps that power the LEDs from the amp itself via each respective mono cable (uses tip-to-sleeve latching footswiches, with the LEDs wired in parallel with the tip-sleeve connections).  Compatible with Orange amps - no external power supply is required, the LEDs draw current from the amp instead.


Dual Channel Basher (Mono Single Socket) **
2 channel switch that uses a single mono cable.  Direct replacement for a Fender 0028122000 footswitch, and will work with any amp which requires that pedal.  No power is required, the LEDs draw current from the amp.


Dual Channel Basher (Stereo Strymon) **

Two independent latching footswitches for channel switching on compatible Strymon products.  The left switch connects to and controls Stereo A, whilst the right switch connects to and controls Stereo B.  Both sockets are TRS, and as such require a TRS stereo cable.  The pedal requires no power as the LEDs draw current from whatever Strymon device it's plugged into.



●  True bypass switching: your tone remains 100% unaffected by the pedal when bypassed.

●  All passive pedals only require power for the LEDs; switching will work without power.

●  2.1mm 9V centre negative DC socket (same as Boss & most other effects).  No battery, but clips can be fitted (e-mail for info).

●  Stomp proof chrome LED holders

●  Rugged RFI/EMI shielded aluminium enclosure measuring:

53 x 38 x 31mm = *

92 x 38 x 31mm = **

●  Get in touch for custom variations of the above - jacks in different positions, alternative enclosures, additional features, etc.

●  1 year warranty (see FAQ page for full details).